Saturday, March 24, 2007

Daddy's new toy!

Monkey's drum....and monkey's hum.
Hum drum hum drum hum drum hum.
-Dr. Suess

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Personal Sunshine

Seems like yesterday that I was holding my precious son like this and blink almost 19 years later, here is my grown son singing with his precious baby sister.
Some people ask me, "why do you have so many kids"?
My answer is simple.
My children are "my personal sunshine".
A life without children to me, is like a world without light.
Although during the teen years, I'm getting a sunburn from too much "personal sunshine"--if you know what I'm sayin'!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy 1st b-day Jackson!

Jackson is the cutest little guy in my world right now. His moms pretty adorable too!
Melissa and I first met 15 years ago at work when we were overpaid slaves at Safeway. I was pregnant with Dolly at the time and we had instant chemistry on a cellular level.
M was so in touch with her inner child and loved my kids. I always knew she'd make an excellent mommy one day!
We went on two diff paths for awhile and lost contact.
I ran into a friend of hers and was ecstatic to hear that she was expecting!!!
There's that saying about friendships that captures our connection,
"You may not walk through the door at the same time, but you might meet on the other side".
Happy birthday Jack-o-lantern!!