Monday, April 30, 2007


Kudos to my two beautiful daughters who won many awards for their solos and groups this past competition.
Way to go!!! We're soo proud of you both!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddio

Happy Birthday to a witty man with a big heart, gentle spirit, and blue eyes that are deep like his soul.
I feel blessed to have you as my parent and grateful for the time you invest in our lives.
One of the best days of my life was when you moved a block away a few years ago.
I cherish our Monday + Fridays and our many laughs! Who else do you know that would want coffindodger as their email address??
We wish you another robust year full of many different walking routes, card luck, and blond bombshells!
Love all of us Hillbillies xox

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sweet Bread

Every Keester and Christmakah, my nonna and I make sweet bread.
It's a century old recipe from Italy and we make it the old fashioned way--by hand.
What a concept heh.
I love baking and naturally spending quality time with nonna is priceless. And the smell of sweet bread baking nurtures my soul.
Sweet bread is very symbolic to me. It represents nonna's warmth and sweetness.
Nonna even made Lil Z a bread bamboli, what a lucky dolly!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I remember

It's been 12 years since my nonno passed away at the age of 89. He was like my second father. A perfect balance to my hippy dad.

Nonno was a retired police officer and was a dictator disciplinarian, but a big puff if he made you cry. And my kidney's are close to my eyes so I saw a sensitive side to him that my grandmother still says didn't exist.

I grew up p/t at my grandparents house. It was a home full of Italian influence, from rosaries to plastic plants.
A refugio from my tumultuous world. I learned to love the quirky atmosphere.
Nonno always had a chocolate bar or gum waiting for me in my special cupboard (where I would write inside JC loves whoever I did that week!) While my grandmother was busy in the kitchen, we would watch TV and laugh hysterically at the same things. And we didn't need PVR back then, cause if Imissed our show, nonno would give me a play by play. And I loved how excited he was to tell me, like I was his best friend.

I am really missing him today and all of his nonno-isms. Isn't it interesting how we remember the small things, not the big things after a person is gone.

I remember how he used to get all dressed up from head to toe just to go down to the corner store. I remember how he would shuffle down the hallway to answer the phone. Half running. I remember how good his hankerchiefs smelled. A synergy of Old Spice and Brut. I remember watching him smoke a pipe and not inhale. I remember the musty scent of home made wine in his basement. I remember how he'd lean over to me, while we were sitting watching TV and hold his hand open to me with almonds or grapes to share. I remember how he'd let me in at 2am and not tell anyone. I remember how he'd laugh so hard he'd cry watching wrestling. I remember how he'd let me sleep in his bed when I was going through daddy withdrawal. I remember how he'd whistle while he worked. I remember how generous he was.
I remember all of his stories he'd repeat at least 10 times. One of my favorites was about a boy who would steal chickens from everyone and how nonno caught him. His ID kept falling out of his shirt pocket when he bent over to steal them. Nonno thought that was the funniest thing and could barely finish telling the story without crying from laughter. After giving him one too many chances, nonno arrested him and when we was reformed he thanked nonno for helping him change. It sounded like it was the highlight of his career.
I remember the look he'd give me, like, you are special. And I remember how he treated me like a real granddaughter even though I wasn't actually his blood.
On his last day here on earth, he asked me to take care of nonna. ME. Not his sons, not his other grandchildren who are flesh and blood, but me. Jenny from the block. I was honoured and promised I would. We bought a house across the street from her and between the 5.5 of us, we're always watching over her.
Have you hugged your angels today???

L'Chaim and Nonno!