Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy Sweet 16 Britty!!!

Or should we call it Sexy 16??

Yup, my daughter wanted her navel pierced and a Brazilian wax for her 16th.

Hey it could be alot worse and it's alot cheaper than a car!!

I love you doll. I'm wishing you a year full of rainbows and unicorns! (inside joke)

You always brighten my day with your off the wall sense of humour, 1000 watt smile and sparkly eyes!!

Read Jay's message below - dido to you.

Mamacacajujufafa (another inside joke)


mnmommy said...

Happy birthday Britt! You're braver than I to face "The Brazilian!"

pinknest said...

wow...a brazilian as as present!? OUCH!!!

Kristin said...

A brazilian almost could be considered a punishment instead of a prezzie!

It was a birthday of PAIN!