Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Dolly!

Our former baby turned 14 yesterday and of course we had to go to Cupcakes and get her a very pink cake!

Dolly is an old soul. She was hailed our "Buddha Baby" because she would sit and observe for a very long time before she would act. And when she did move, it was very methodical. She has this inner wisdom that I admire and has a very sweet heart. And she is a natural with babies, Z adores her big sis.

Wishing you a very happy birthday my sweet D and may your butterfly wings carry you through life, down whichever path you choose. You are my pudding, pie, sugar and ice cream.

Love you poohbear oxoxoxo


pinknest said...

happy birthday dolly! so cute! and that pink cake is simply glamorous.

Anonymous said...

It is possible to have a beautiful, sweet, intelligent, well-grounded teen-age girl. If we have number 2 and it is a girl, I may be consulting you!

Pendullum said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter, Dolly..
She has her Haute Mama's beauty...