Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Cory, our Chavah and I decided to escape to Tofino for Valentines. I call it BC's Hawaii.
We spent most of our days strolling Chesterman Beach, collecting rocks and sticks.
Watching waves break, listening to birds sing and sadly, the sound of choppers searching for a lost boy.
The trip was healing. I had a spiritual awakening while storm watching--go figure!
My heart needed a hug, I was ready for the ocean to speak to me.
Observing massive rollers entering the bay, transform into towering waves and crash onto Frank Island (10 feet away), was very humbling.
I couldn't help but think what if the rocks weren't here to protect us, these waves would surely wipe us out!
Even my barnacle baby wanted "uppy mama" after she heard the sounds of the waves slapping against Frank.
My inner child was quite happy to have some company.
While embracing my koala bear and watching Mother Nature meditate for awhile, I heard a little voice whisper to me....Jenny Jenny.....
"You can't stop the natural storms in life". "Let go"
What an a-ha moment for me!
So true. You really can't stop it. You can try to fight nature but it's an up-hill battle.
Pardon the pun.
My rebellious 17.5 year old decided to impulsively move out a month ago today. That's the parallel.
She has chosen to disconnect with the family at the same time. I'd bet Deepak Chopra would disapprove.
And after all these years of being her bumper pads, I feel like we were defying gravity the whole time.
I feel that we can overparent, overprotect, over analyze, but I am convinced that it's nature over nurture.
That being said, I much prefer storm watching in Tofino over Teens!!!!


mnmommy said...

Lovely writing, J. I'm glad you were able to soothe your souls. You are a strong, lovely person and the storm will pass...


Oh, and I have nothing against Burberry....:)xo

Pendullum said...

Oh, I am thinking of you...
Must be breaking your heart...