Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lucky 13

Last night I had another epiphany.

My 13 year old daughter has been the most connected female to me during my pregnancy. It's not as though I don't have good adult girlfriends, I do. It's just that my 13 year old has been my bestest girlfriend. (She's an old aquarian soul)

She was the first one to want to feel babies first kicks, (besides BH), listen to her heartbeat, set up her nursery, show off all the babies clothes to her friends, kiss my belly etc.

And last night we shared a special moment together.

I was painting and Dolly poked her head in asking me where her grade 7 bike trip was going to be this upcoming weekend. I told her, and then she returned a few minutes later looking quite upset, asking me more specific questions about where exactly her trip was. Then she scurried away.

A few minutes later, I went to find her and she was spooning with one of our dogs on the floor, in tears. When I asked her what was wrong, she said she was looking up flights from Vancouver Island back home just in case I went into labour. And that there were no flights in the middle of the night. She's very worried that she'll miss the whole experience. What a cosmic muffin!

That's when I broke down and told her I want her to go and have fun and that it's NOT going to happen without her. I told her she's been my bestest girlfriend and I need her strength. I believe the body and mind are connected more than we know and I told her there's no way baby is coming when my best girlfriend is not around. She sobbed. We sobbed. Then I went sobbing to my BH thanking him also for being my bestest male friend. He's been my #1 fan, of course.

Then I went back to painting. And man, did I ever sleep well!

Now before you think I'm playing favorites with my kids, think again. I love all my children the same-on different days. Kidding.

It's just that my 16 an 18 year old aren't as interested in their mom being pregnant. They think it's kinda weird-cool. Besides, they're too busy gazing at their own navel.

Don't get me wrong, they are nice kids. (virgos) My son kisses my belly g'night alot, read his baby sis her first bedtime story and went shopping with me to buy a cradle. My other daughter helped paint the nursery, rubs my feet and tells me I look cool sometimes, but they just have waaaaay more important things to think about.

Ahhh, we all remember those narcisistic teen years.

One things for sure, I didn't expect my 13 year old to be so supportive. (hey sis you're a close second ox)

It IS the age of Aquarius...



mnmommy said...

What a little sweetie. You make me look forward to all things about motherhood. Hugs to you and wee Dems.

Pendullum said...

Just happened upon your blog today...
Love the story about your daughter it is so endearing...
Love your pictures...