Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Love Is In The Air

My Bee has her first boyfriend!!
Can you recall that feeling of your first love?
Miles is a smart, funny, handsome and stylish soul...and treats our Bee like a Queen, which is all we could hope for.
They even have a chaffeur....his best friend!
Happy Valentines to these two lovebirds and to everyone in love!!!!


High Desert Diva said...

Okay the dating/boyfriend thing would TOTALLY freak me out. It looks like she found a good one though ;D

Pendullum said...

She looks like her beautiful momma!!!

And here's to young love!!! Happy Valentine's Day...

pinknest said...

oh you two look so much alike! how cute.

the boyfriend thing would mabye freak me out a little, but you seem to be handling it well.

Marta said...

Good words.