Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bonne chance Dancing Queens!

My two older daughters Bee and Dee have their Cechetti ballet exams this week.

An examiner flies all the way from Toronto to critque them. Serious dance biz.

The examiners are typically ice queens, but my dancing queens are not intimidated in the least.

It's true, they have the gift of flexibility from their father's side but they have Chutzpah from their mama's side!

A very good or a very bad combo..depending on the situation.

Dancing comes naturally to them, as the Ballet vocab--they are fluent in french. (See girls, you're finally seeing the fruits of your labour!!)

They have developed a healthly awareness of their talent in which I respect and admire.

When they were little, they used to dance to The Nutcracker + Cat Stevens all the time.

I remember so vividly, Britty would lead Dolly around the whole house teaching her over and over how to perfect the Pas De Deux!

Dolly was a perfect student too, so eager to please Busy Bee. The promenades were endless. I can still hear their little voices..Bbbwwwitney swow down...Dem dem you're soo BEE-u-ti-ful!! Jay would join in sometimes and have both girls giggling by twriling them around at the same time. Then it would turn into London Bridges or Red Rover...or a hockey game!

Little kids are so entertaining. Both Cory and I have many laugh lines!

I love watching my kids express themselves. Dancing is the hidden language of the soul and I listen carefully.

I'm so proud of you girls, good luck and dance like everyones watching.

your #1 fan,
mama x
ps-does anyone remember that line from Bring it on..cheerleaders are dancers who have gone retarded..halarious!!


mnmommy said...

Good luck graceful girls! I say dazzle them with some Mick moves--hahaha. A and I are so proud of you too!

Pendullum said...

They are beautiful...
Good Luck in the exams...
They look like early Karen Kain with a most sophisticated outlook...
My daughter is drawn to acting like Mick when she wants something...
Glamming it up like Bowie and Hamming it up like Ringo...
She pretends to hold the guitar like George or John and expects us to know the difference in their style of holding and standing...

High Desert Diva said...

Very cool!

I was in dancing when I was younger. I was awful! Turns out my parents put me in dance class because they doctor prescribed them for my clutziness...yeah, didn't help :P

Your daughters look simply lovely and I'm sure they'll do well. The French will also give them a leg up should they ever decide to take the Haute Cuisine path ;D

hautemama said...

Good point High Desrt Diva. I hope they do go the haute cuisine path!

It's amazing how much of the french language we borrow.

Also thank you mnmommy and pendullum for the accolades!!!


Anonymous said...

omg mom take that hideous pic off of me from like a zillion years ago. come on now, theres plenty of other dance photos you can choose from!

hautemama said...

I love it! It's from last year..chillax babe.

mama x

pinknest said...

aww, they're so cute!!