Monday, November 13, 2006

Salami Mommy

Ok, so I, haute mama, am still on this selfish kick YEEHAW!

So Z is almost 5 months and even tho I can 'eek' into my pre-prego clothes I am kinda feeling like a "salami mommy'.

Ya know, alittle more junk in the trunk than I'd like.

Don't judge me yet, I'm not embaressed of my bod. I've had four kids and am proud of my temple, just want to firm up. (I love you Susan Powter!)

After all, strong body, strong mind, strong spirit.

So I, haute mama, have signed up for kickboxing bootcamp in the new year YEEHAW!!

Hey, I have to learn how to defend myself from all these children of the corn!

Wish me luck and remember put yourself UNO!!!!


mnmommy said...

Yay! Kick some butt mama! An aside, did you make that creepy salami face? Teehee.

hautemama said...

No, I can't take the creepy credit LMFAO.

Pendullum said...

You are one HAUTE MAMA!!!!

pinknest said...

that's awesome!! kickboxing is such a great workout.

Anonymous said...

I quit my manual labor job come January! I can feel my arse getting fatter just thinking about it. I should join your bootcamp. Send me the link again!

Anonymous said...

oh...and ps - you look marrrrrvelous.

hautemama said...

Rrrrita is that you????