Saturday, November 04, 2006

Red Lipstick

Rita and Moi having a good time..

Last night my gal pal and I put on red lipstick and painted the town red.

We actually went to a comedy club and had martinis and LOPO.

Rita and I first met at an xmas party, where we had an instant connection. We were both wearing rubber had to be there.

We also share a love of horses and spend girl time together up at the ranch...where we recharge and meet up with friends from around the world.

Cheers to girl friends!


High Desert Diva said...

Okay, for some reason your "rubber glove" comment cracked me up.

Great pictures. It looks like you had a FABULOUS time at the ranch. I love horses but can't ride to save my life.

pinknest said...

aw, how nice! sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

You need to explain that they were SURGICAL rubber gloves...and we were rubbing our hands together like mad doctors. Mwhahahahaha!

Damn we are some hot milfs.