Saturday, November 18, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Madeleine + Noelle!!

A little poem for my adorable nieces and their wonderful parents..

A meeting convened one day in Heavens sacred hall.

The Ideal mother and father must be found for twins so sweet and small.

They must be patient, first of all,
and kind and calm and wise.

And capable of chasing tears away from little eyes.

They'd have to put her children first and be so very smart, with a sweet and loving heart.

They all agreed you two were the best. No other mom and dad would do.

Yes, Heaven found the perfect parents and sent those twins to you!

From that deep place in our soul full of love, Zia + entourage xx


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Twins!!!


High Desert Diva said...

What a beautiful 1st birthday gift.

They're gorgeous :D

mnmommy said...

Lots of tears flowing here my sweet friend. What a beautiful poem from a talented lady. M and N are so lucky to have you as their Zia.
Big, big hugs and kisses