Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Clan (and one more of the way!)

Here is our happy Hill clan at Jericho last summer right before we decided to go for #4. Why you ask? When we already have three teens and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Surprizingly, some friends who we've known us forever have asked us the same question. It seems obvious to us, we want a pyramid of Hillbilles!!

To be quite honest, it has been quite the journey coming to the decision. I'd like to share our success story with others, in hopes of creating some awareness surrounding infertilty. Please don't read any further if you're one of those humans who judge on candidness ... this is TMI but I have an open heart and want to help others who might be on the same path.

I already know of an infertile couple with the same issue who had never heard of the procedure, (until we crossed paths) and they are now on the their way to being parents!

So, heres the synopsis...having 3 kids (being kids ourselves) we decided that my BH should have the big V when our youngest was under 1. In hindsight, we should of taken more time for such a permament decision. Lesson #1

Well, five years later we started thinking that maybe we'd like another child and so my BH had an unsuccessful VR a few years later. (scar tissue) Lesson #2

We went through a mixed bag of emotions but a couple of years later decided to make an appt with Genesis to discuss our options. The procedure seemed overwhelming to me initially..needles, nosespray, hormone meds that Akeelah couldn't even spell yikes!

I remember laughing hysterically in the clinic thinking this must a joke, there must be a hidden camera! Being a selfish cow, I turned to my BH and said "I'm not even the infertile one"!! Besides, the stats weren't the greatest for the cost of the procedure. (10k!!)

Sooo..we took another couple years to think it over (yahoo + travel etc) and decided the timing was now or never. (Just had to have one more ranch trip!)

My cousin went through the same procedure (ICSI) and as a nurse she explained everything to me in laymens terms which helped ease my mind. I am more than happy to share the deets with anyone if they are curious. It's actually quite fascinating!

Well, I'm happy to say that it worked first try WAHOO!!! Lesson #3

They put two embyro's in, but only one went on to develop. They were great, they didn't prescribe me a tonne of hormones, knowing that I haven't had any infertility issues in the past.

So, here I am. Knocked up and due next month!!! We're very excited to meet our little angel, we went for a 4D ultrasound and found out we're having another girl!

As one lovely woman friend said, "she's a lucky girl, she's going to be very loved". Touche!!

All positive energy is welcomed...thanks for reading.

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Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

Wow - what a great story and how awesome to experience motherhood with a newborn when you have 3 teens!!! (Lots of help & babysitters, I presume?!)

Having read this post and then seeing your beautiful baby girl just goes to show how lucky we are to live in a time when treatment is available to help families conceive. We are indeed very, very lucky!!