Thursday, May 11, 2006

I LOVE being pregnant!

I'm one of those weirdos that loves being pregnant. I love my Buddha belly (and full breasts) and love the affection I'm receiving. My BH is the king of compliments, but I must admit I'm tickled by strangers friendliness since I've been knocked up! It's like I have a "I'm not a snob" tattoo on my fivehead.

Like today, I was out on the North Shore (dolly had a dance comp) and while she was practising for the show, I went for a stroll down Lonsdale to Bucks. They had samples out of their raspberry lemon loaf (it's baaack!) and of course baby wanted a nibble.

Anyways, I was eyeing a second sample and this guy waiting for his coffee too said "go for it, you're so beautiful"!! Talk about a random warm & fuzzy!! How sweet.

And women...the type who would normally give me a "you don't look old enough to have teenagers look" are flashing me a Dentyne's sooo cool. Why can't we all be like that pregnant or not?

I'm going to miss being knocked up..

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ninepounddictator said...

Unlike you, I didn't really like being preggers. However, you are right. I do miss the total niceness of strangers...and it's amazing how many strangers smile at you...where are the smiles the rest of the time!!! Oh, I guess I liked the breast thing too...IN fact, for some reason, my breasts never went entirely down's hoping for you!