Monday, May 22, 2006


I met an enigmatic woman yesterday, I am still trying to figure her out. Firstly, she homeschools all FOUR of her kids. Ya, quite the maverick.

Ok, let me explaino...

I was at a friend from highschool son's 3rd b-day shrine. There must of been 20 kids there, it was like the MJ Thriller video!!

I brought my daughters with me as body guards. We wore our matching wonder woman bracelets. We were prepared. And besides, I told them it'll be a very good (babysitting) advertising venue for them. It was! We were giving out our phone # like was like we were almost cool!! Ok ok, I'm getting off track as usual..

So, I spotted this amazingly radiant woman from across the room, she had this glowing orange aura. I thought, I have to know her!! I practilly did a jette from across the room and introduced myself. We hit it off, and chatted like old friends from our past lives. She just had a baby 2 weeks ago, (her fourth too!) and when i asked her about her L&D, that's when she uttered the most wacky of wackiest things I've ever heard.

"I LOVE LABOUR"!!! she chirped, with such passion!

I said, "ahh scuzza me, did you just say, I love labour"? "YES I DID" she sang. I had to ask, "why would you loooove labour"?? That's when she nearly burst, "well, it's so exciting because you know what's coming"!!! And I'm thinking, "ya, a ring of fire followed by a load of bricks". (i'm such a realist)

And with the most loving energy in her blue eyes, she leans over and squeals, "your beautiful baby"!!

She then went into doula mode and offered some sound advice, "just go with the flow Jen", don't fight it". "relax and it'll happen faster". Now, if that were my male doc telling me that, I'd bark, "easy for you to say". But, she JUST had a baby 2 weeks ago, had a short L&D and who knows, maybe Dr. Gabor Mate is right about his book theory. "When The Body Says No".

I figure it's worth a try. There was something so surreal about her. Have you ever met anyone like that? Like she was an angel sent to this party just for me!

I can honestly say I didn't welcome the labour pains with my first three, and my labours weren't as short as I would of liked them to be.

So, let this be an experiment! I'll try and involve my yoga practise of relaxation and acceptance into my L+D experience and see if it works. Shall advise. What have I got to lose? It's going to happen, mind as well enjoy the pain. Ohhh I know!! If i do end up opting for an epidural, I'll get another tattoo while I'm at it...



mnmommy said...

"Ring of fire"...Love it! I have to admit to skepticism about these doula types, but what do I know--my two came out the window! I will admit you do pregnancy beautifully my friend.

hautemama said...

Thanks Lin. You're so sweet!

It's going to be so fun to watch Madeleine, Noelle and Zara grow up together!!

mnmommy said...

Yes--these girlies are going to have a fabulous time together!