Friday, May 26, 2006

Vanity Fair

I felt like racy Demi Moore in spirit yesterday...minus the Red Bull + cigarettes!!

I went full frontal for maternity shots!!!
(and yeees I'm a demiologist)

While my BH observed...wwweelll he was in a few but the photographer and I had to twist his concrete laden arm to take his shirt off, but he did it! (you'd think most guys would strip down at the door, but Kim said it's common that the men are shy)

And it's true, my BH is not as hedonistic as my selfish self, which is partly why I call him my better half..although he did admit 24 hours later that he enjoy watching...what guy wouldn't?

WHY would I pose in the full monty when I'm full figured, you ask??

I think it's hip to glamourize pregnancy!!

And let's be's a miracle and it goes by so quickly and I wanted to mark a cornerstone in my life. I want to show my daughter how proud I am to be pregnant with her. That I'm proud of my body, proud to be carrying a child and the natural beauty of it. I wanted to capture the strength, transformation and beauty of pregnancy. I feel sexier too! My skin is softer, curvier and I have a special glow. (I did not have the confidence when i was pregnant with my first three in my late teens/early 20's)

And I've gained almost 30 lbs, go FIGURE!!

Upon entering the studio, I had a trust connection immediately with the photographer, Kim. She is uber likeable and has an awesome sense of humour. ( We looked through some photo albums to give her an idea of our genre. She gave me a slinky kimono to slip into, fiddled with the lighting and then it was striptease time ...

The session was 2 hours long but full of fun and quirks! She wrapped me in a few different garments, pulled out the boa-which looked smashing with my gold slip-on heels I must say...

For a few frames, I was in the lotus position with a full-on torso view. I had a moment of anxiety. I looked down at my boobs to make sure they looked as perky as possible w/o a bra and was mortified! One of my nipples was HUGE compared to the other!!?? I begged her to turn the fan on, which helped turn the high beams on.

WTF was up with that anyways???

The piece de resistance though, was when she took some shots of my tattoo on my back. She asked me to lie down on my side, with my backside facing her. She then was guiding me to straighten one leg, bend the other, move ahead (i felt like Devo)..and as some of you can understand with having a Buddha belly, it was alittle awkward to strike a perfect balance on your side...

Soooo feeling like an uncordinated feeb, I just folded forward in the fetus position and LMAO! What a pretty sight. Here I was... stuck, naked, with my BFA sticking out...all gimped on the floor. I felt like such a helpless pathetic loser!! My BH and Kim were in hysterics too. Kim's like "ahh Cory, could you help us out?" We had to take a breather. I couldn't stop laughing like a psycho for about 5 mintues....ohhh good (humbling+hedonistic) times..

So, my almost 18 yr old son says last night, "ahhh mom, where are you going to display these pix"? I said, "in the livingroom above the marble fireplace of course".

LOL. Kidding. Our bedroom and maybe a conservative one in the nursery.

Ohhhh now there's a good reality show...Canada's TOP naked maternity models!!

I shall post a tasteful pix in about a week when I get them..check back if you dare!


mnmommy said...

Laughing hysterically over here...Oh, to be a fly on the wall! I bet they turn out just beautifully. Do I get to see?

hautemama said...

Why of Cisco boa sistah!

ninepounddictator said...

Hey, who did your photos?

Long story, but Bryan adams did nude ones of me when I was soo pregnant.

I think I like the idea more of bryan adams taking them then I did the actuall pictures. The viens in my stonach and everything!

But my hair did look good.

Post them!!!

hautemama said...

Bryan Adams took your photos???

Lucky bum!!!

I love the pregnant pix of you in "Knocked Up". Are you sure that's not a basketball? ;)

Kim at took 'em. She's was so real, I like her alot.

I wanna see the "vein" one!!