Wednesday, May 03, 2006

To Blog or not to Blog?

I never thought of myself as a blogger, but here I am. I have to give my RMT most of the credit for turning me to the dark side.

We were on the blogging subject, and I made some comment to the effect of, "who would want to read my blog"? and he replied, "you'd be surprized Jenny".

I guess part of me was living in fear that no one would give a $hit about what I write. How demoralizing that would be, rejected on my own blog!

I guess you can say that I had this ephipany...that maybe having a blog would make me feel almost cool!


ninepounddictator said...

Yes, welcome to the world of Blogging! I think you'll really like it. You must check out some of the bloggers on my will love them, and grow to think of them as friends (I know, but it's true!)

Also, I think I'm going to love following your story. How amazing. Teenagers and a baby on the way? I want to know everything!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

hautemama said...

Thanks a bunch!!! I'm having fun on here, what a cool way to connect with other women and vent about random things.

I will check out the other bloggers--promise.

Happy blogging!!